Jacqui Renwick

In my youth, I trained daily, morning and evening at Crossmyloof & Paisley Ice Rinks in Glasgow as an Ice Figure Skater under the guidance of trainers Norma Wilson and Gladys Jagger. Through their expert world class training I accomplished a high standard of skating. I competed up and down the rinks in England and Scotland. But like very many sports people I incurred injury and damage which became more profound in my body as I grew older. In later life, I changed career and moved into the cut throat world of Publishing, Advertising and Marketing.

Whilst working in London I was introduced to Yoga classes by a good friend. It wasn't long before I realised that the Yoga Classes significantly reduced my niggling backache and stiff shoulder pain. They also began to help with my anxiety and stress levels which had pushed up my blood pressure.

Yoga became a regular activity in my life and when I moved to Chichester to help launch Sprit FM in 1996. I met my husband, got married and had my two lovely children. I began attending classes with the fantastic Tony Fogden who is a well-known BWY Diploma Teacher in the Chichester area. He encouraged me to train to teach with the British Wheel of Yoga and with his support and mentoring helped me become a Qualified BWY Teacher in 2003.

Since then I have added Pregnancy and Post Natal, Back Care and Meditation Qualifications. But I never stop learning and developing. I regularly attend First Aid refreshers, Specialist Yoga Courses and more recently Kundalini Classes.

Yoga is over 3,000 years old and is growing stronger the world over. There is a style and type of yoga to fit everyone. I believe people just need to find a great teacher and style for what they need and want.

My personal take on Yoga is that it should ALWAYS be Comfortable, Caring and Kind. Our bodies are the precious vessels that carry the Mind, Spirit and Breath. We need to Love and Care for the body, as it is our first and last home. Breathing, Stretching and Meditating should never be difficult.

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