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KG Hypnobirthing™ is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during birth, a complete antenatal training that is simple, logical and profound. Nature designed the female body to give birth efficiently and comfortably and these techniques help you to achieve that.

This valuable training will give you information, relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. You also receive the Hypnobirthing Book, the course CD and a folder of handouts to practice at home. The overwhelming number of birth reports from Hypnobirthing mothers has been that they achieved an empowering and positive birth for mother, father and baby, which is a precious and memorable experience.

10 hour Course over 4 sessions in Chilgrove, £240
10 hour Course provided in your own home, £280
We also provide Taster Sessions at Chilgrove, £20 learn more
4 hour, 2 session Refresher Course (for experienced Hypnobirth partners), £80

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